Steve’s workshop was engaging, productive and fun. He effectively breaks down the process of setting goals for your organization and achieving the best results. I’m excited to use these strategies with my team!
Christina D., Higher Education Leader
I’ve sat through countless sessions on mission, values, and goals but it took a presentation with Steve Wettergren to truly understand how to clearly construct each item. I enjoyed Steve’s delivery and am walking away with several takeaways. I have the confidence to move my team from general goals and objectives to developing concise mission, vision, values, goals, and strategies that fit with who we are and who we want to be. I have the tools to create and tell the story of our success to a number of audiences. Thank you Steve for your real-life examples and easy presentation style.
Laura R., Professional Organization President
I’m so glad I got the opportunity to learn from Steve at Vocational Strategy Inc.! He really opened my eyes and helped guide me to understand real-world applications on developing mission/vision/values, goal setting, and strategic planning at large. Not only did I leave with tools and best practices, but I also left with ideas of activities to incorporate in the various professional settings where I serve others. Thanks, Steve!
Bailey B., Higher Education Leader
Steve’s presentation was well delivered and paced perfectly. While I have been through countless Mission – Vision – Values conversations, Steve’s approach to using action oriented language that wasn’t ‘flowery’ was refreshing. What you do, what you aspire to become and the truths that guide the work. For 30 years, I have worked with organizations that made goal setting a convoluted process. Steve artfully stripped away all of the minutia – distilling the process to SMART goals enabled by strategies and activated through specific tactics. WOW!
Kelly P., Higher Education Leader
Our board of directors reached out to Vocational Strategy, Inc. to facilitate our board retreat. Steve stepped up and did a great job of getting information, structuring the day and keeping everyone on track. We had wonderful things come out of our retreat and would definitely recommend Vocational Strategy, Inc.
Brianne, H., Non-Profit Leader